Leverage Facebook Advertising for your business

Facebook reported 750 million active users at last count.  This alone is reason enough to leverage Facebook advertising for brands, products and services since a majority of consumers are likely to be on Facebook. Recently, Facebook launched Facebook for business which put Facebook’s powerful marketing tools in the marketer’s hands.   Also, the recent launch of […]

Optimising your website for tablets

Mobile is an important channel that marketers have to consider, thanks to the growing popularity of mobile devices like smart phones and tablet devices like the iPad.  These devices have revolutionised the way users communicate and interact with information. It hardly comes as a surprise that advertisers, publishers and developers are all vying with each […]

Google+ and Facebook

Not long after Google+ was launched, Facebook for Business was rolled out.  As it turned out, Facebook scored points since Google+ for businesses is not public yet.   In fact, businesses that rushed to build their profiles were unceremoniously banned by Google.  Still, it is only a matter of time before Google+ for businesses is officially […]

Optimise your website for mobile users

Mobile phones (including smartphones) are an important marketing channel that internet marketers cannot ignore.  Considering that more people browse the internet, shop and manage their social networking profiles via their mobile phones than from their computers, it is a question of when and not why every business must optimise its website for mobile phones. Mobile […]

Volkswagen launches apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android

Apps rule in mobile marketing and considering that there are more than 5 billion mobile phones worldwide, it is not surprising that companies serious about mobile marketing are focusing on developing apps for their customers. Mobiles let companies reach their customers wherever they are. According to the September 2010 comScore report, 31.4% of mobile users […]

Optimising your website for local search

Search engines have been adjusting the way they show search results to users, giving preference to local content in certain scenarios.  For businesses, this is an opportunity to take advantage of as consumer media habits are rapidly changing. In this scenario, businesses often face a dilemma when trying to understand these changes and how they […]

Life after Google’s Panda update

It is well known that Google continuously modifies its ranking algorithm. The effects of these are usually easy to overlook. But every once in a while, a major change comes along and the Panda is one of them.  The Google Panda update in June 2011 is a ranking factor rather than an algorithm update.  Interestingly, […]

Effective calls to action

The most effective marketing material features a prominent call to action that prospective customers can act on.  The same goes for direct sales – sales people should ideally always conclude their call with a call to action to achieve the objective of their call. Websites are businesses’ 24/7, 365 days of the year sales men […]

Web analytics – which metrics to track?

Once you’ve got your website up and running, you will naturally be keen to know who your visitors are and how they’re engaging with your website. Attracting the kind of target market is the basic goal of any website for a variety of reasons.  The reasons can range from building the business’ prospect base, converting […]

Why website usability is critical

One of the main goals of many websites is to attract visitors who convert into loyal customers.  Web usability plays a crucial role in ensuring that website visitors find what they are looking for.   If they do not find what they want, there will be no sales and worse still, they are unlikely to return. […]

Towards a cashless society with mobile phones

Across the world, more and more people are opting to use their mobile phone rather than power up their PC to browse and shop online. This has opened up a much larger audience of mobile users that companies can market to as mobile provides a new platform to reach them through. Mobile marketing is a […]

A quick look at mobile marketing trends

Mobile marketing is revolutionising the way brands are reaching out to customers. Marketers are using coupons, location-based marketing, mobile ads, QR codes and more to connect with a broader market. Studies conducted on Internet usage patterns are showing an increasing number of mobile users preferring to use their mobile phone or downloaded apps to access […]