Mobile ROI – does it measure up?

Today, marketers have several methods and tools to engage with their customers and focus on relationship building. Mobile marketing combined with social media allow companies to send out customised content to customers. With social media marketing incorporated into their marketing strategies, businesses are set to allocate a budget for mobile marketing. Many companies are already […]

Mobile tracking – the good, the bad and the ugly

Businesses leveraging mobile marketing strategies are using location-based campaigns to connect to their prospective customers, taking promotions directly to them based on their geographic location. Consumers have become quite savvy at using their smartphones, mobile phones and other handheld devices to research and find what they want online and while technology brings plenty of benefits, […]

Mobile marketing strategy: Does your company have one?

Mobile marketing is fast becoming one of the most effective ways to reach an audience that marketers may not be able to reach with traditional marketing methods. One might assume that most marketers would already have some long-term strategies in place to leverage this mobile platform but that is not the case. Many companies are […]

Integrating augmented reality

Augmented reality (or AR) is the superimposition of digital data on the real world. The Wikipedia defines it as a “term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics”.  AR shows you the world on your computer […]

Some of our favourite mobile apps

It is hard to imagine life without the mobile phone. What began as a great way to stay in touch on-the-go has evolved into the high-tech smartphone through which you can practically run your life. The smartphone is capable of running a variety of programs that range from fun games to some seriously productive tools […]

The growth of digital subscriptions

Even as the New York Times claims 100,000 digital subscriptions in the first month of its launch, there are those who feel that this is not a good enough volume for the media giant.  It is tough times for the Times (pun intended) because it might be challenging to sustain the growth of its web-only […]

Is your website working for your business?

Every business, regardless of its size, has to constantly work at being visible online to its market. Rather than to go to a store to get what they want, consumers prefer to browse the Internet to find information and research the products or services they want to buy. The Internet lets them not only see […]

Mobile marketing revamps customer care

E-commerce companies are working hard to make online customer care available on mobile phones to drive their sales as this can significantly save on call center costs and get them closer to customer delight. As mobile commerce becomes more popular, companies must not only develop a mobile marketing strategy, but also consider adding more apps […]

Using technology in education

There is a rapid rise in the number of digital learners today showing us how the delivery of education has evolved. This is hardly surprising when we look at how mobile devices and applications have taken over businesses and consumers alike and it was only a matter of time before educational institutions adopted technology to […]

QR codes as an online marketing tool

QR codes are one of the latest online marketing tactics being used to drive traffic to websites. A word about QR codes first:  QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are a type of 2D barcode with encrypted text and URLs that can be decoded by any mobile phone with a QR code reader. QR codes […]

Mobile payments – driving the future of commerce

With the sale of smartphones and tablets skyrocketing and competition increasing among brands to woo the consumer with apps galore, the rise – and rise – of mobile payments is quite apparent. The future of mobile payments Mobile Marketer recently quoted a PayPal executive who said that “PayPal’s mobile payment transaction volume has grown from […]

Location based marketing is here to stay

Location based marketing is the current hot topic in marketing and it is turning out to be a critical tool to attract and retain customers, particularly for offline businesses. Just about any business that is interested in connecting with a local audience can derive major benefits from location based marketing. There are several web platforms […]